Bees are great biological indicators given that they can indicate chemical damages of the environment in which they live. Recent studies reveal that this species is able to measure the level of CO2 in their environment and modify their behavior based on the atmospheric concentration of CO2.

It has been demonstrated that climate changes are the main element responsible for the recent decline of bees. The murrain of this species irreparably affects pollination and, consequently, life itself on planet Earth.

The choice of the bee as a symbol of CARBON HIVE has been made in view of identifying a subject most affected by climate change in general, and by the damages related to the increased concentration of CO2 in particular.

The fight against climate change is CARBON HIVE's primary mission.

It has been shown that bees, by way of their antennas, are able to detect the position and the activity of their hives via concentration gradients of carbon dioxide.

The choice of this hexagonal element, therefore refers to the cell of the hive, it intends to be a "safe" hive with a CO2 concentration.

The Hive >> The Hexagon >> Morphological direct reference to the energy context mode: movement >> kinetics >> energy.

The rest is rhetorical.